I am currently in the final weeks of remodeling my home after what has been a long adventure of both ups and downs. I'm beyond excited and ready to get moved back in to what is starting to feel like a brand new house. The construction company who has taken over the job have made the entire process run so smoothly it has actually been a pleasure over these last few months. However, rewind back to the beginning of this process? Um, not so much.

This project started in June of LAST YEAR. Now, my house isn't tiny. However, I wasn't building a mansion from the ground up either. Thus, I expected it to be a somewhat lengthy process and my dear mother has been beyond gracious to open her home during the wait time.

Although things started off okay, the process began downward spiraling into a complete nightmare of chaos and started to feel a bit shady. Let's just say it got to the point where I felt there was no choice but to part company. Thankfully, the company that has taken over has created a night-and-day experience. Their level of organization, common courtesy, respect, clarity, and guidance when needed has been extraordinary.

In case you are wondering who the two companies are, sorry...that's not what this post is about. I have no desire to speak ill of a particular business that perhaps had just lost its way. All I can say is this: When you find yourself working with true professionals who not only know how to do their jobs well, but also have mastered the art of customer service, it's an altogether different experience.

To be fair, people go through difficulties--and businesses are owned by people. Life is just hard sometimes. Perhaps a business that normally runs smoothly and with care is dealing with financial issues. Or, perhaps the owner is going through a personal problem that can't help but seep into their business life. Understandable. We can all make choices every day to try and do better. Whatever the reason may be, some businesses just aren't operating within the same paradigm as others. Not all companies are the same.

Whatever service or product you're looking for, I can't recommend enough that you do your research. If you ARE operating one of these businesses that seeks every single day to keep learning, operate at the highest level within your industry, focus on customer service and emotional intelligence--THANK YOU. Thank you. Seriously, thank you. Your customers notice and it's an enormous deal. No matter what your business or your place within an organization, what you do matters and makes a huge difference on the customer experience.

I would also like to add that you have a competitive advantage. This is how the market works so, tell people what sets you apart. What else do your potential customers and clients have to go on if they don't hear what makes you different? You deserve to shine. The public needs to hear from you.

By the way, I have some friends here at the station who can help you tell that story, by the way. ;) Just let me know.

Again, thanks. You're a star.


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