Libby is a nervous dog so I'm curious about what happened in her life before we adopted her.  If only dogs could talk.

I just watched Lady and the Tramp with my daughters the other day so now I want to get every dog out of the pound right this minute before they go through "the one-way door."  We have some great no-kill shelters in East Texas that give dogs a place to stay until they're adopted, but we know dogs in some shelters don't always make it out.  I can't imagine not having Libby's goofy and slightly neurotic tail wag in my life and now seems like a good time to encourage more doggie adoptions.

Libby is a Mini Pinscher mix and that's a breed that's a little anxious anyway, but Libby will stop in her tracks and head back into the house if the wind blows a leaf across her path.  She's not good with surprises.  Her foster family told me she was a nervous dog that loved to curl up on laps once there was trust, and that's what she has become so whatever happened in the past is in the past.  Maybe it was just living the first year of her life in crates and kennels that gave her the jitters.

I've read that dog adoptions are way up during the pandemic, and some shelters around the country have been totally cleared out.  With the whole family spending more time at home, it's a great time to adopt.

Pets Fur People has dogs up for adoption ranging in age from three or four months up to eleven years.

We adopted Libby when she was one year old, and she had already learned the art of potty training before she moved in with us.  Adopting a dog that's not a brand new puppy has some behavioral bonuses, and the immunizations are up to date.  Not to mention, you're a lifesaver!

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