I am lucky enough to still have both parents around. I've had to punch myself sometimes because I start taking that for granted and not talk to them for an extended period of time. This weekend, they needed some help clearing a patch of vines in their yard so, of course, I was going to help. I came away with a small blister on my hand but also came away with a peace in my heart that I severely needed.

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My parents needed some help clearing some vines from their front yard. I used their special rake to help pull the roots up while they picked up the remnants and bagged them up. It was hot with no shade so we could only work for about fifteen minutes and would need to take a break.

It was those breaks that brought that true peace to my heart. We would just sit and talk. To be honest, the conversations we about mostly nothing. But for that four hours or so Saturday afternoon, I could forget my hate of the world right now.

I teared up when I got home. They were tears of happiness but also of relief because that hate of the world had left me for those moments. It also made me realize how lucky I am to still have both parents around. As I stated above, I have really taken that for granted and I need to stop that because I will regret it later.

Saturday was a simple moment in life but it meant so much. I just wish I could have bottled up that moment not only to keep for myself but to share with the world so everyone could have that peaceful and happy feeling I had.

I still hate the current state of the world. It's so full of malice and deception and untruths and mistrust that it's hard not to get drawn down to the pits of hell. I hope you can find that moment of peace, if for only a short time like I had, and that it will help you navigate these rough waters.

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