I'm no political expert. I'm no expert on life. I'm not an expert at much of anything, really. So, I'll be honest, I don't know why people get so up in arms over politics. It's such a waste of time arguing over a bunch of people that have been doing a job for thirty plus years but yet still have not gotten one positive thing done. Why waste your time or energy on it?

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I don't get what people are seeing. I don't. What do I see when politicians are on TV? I see a grown adult complaining because another adult doesn't want to fully do what the first adult wants to do. I get having different ideals about a subject. But if you're working with someone to reach a common goal, there has to be compromise on both sides. Why is that something that our government can't do? There is not one single person on the Earth that is 100 percent right. Compromise must be achieved. Which means certain things have to be given up.

Not everyone will be happy but everyone can be satisfied with the outcome.

I vote. I don't vote based on party. I try to do my best due diligence and find out all I can about the candidates running and base my decision on if I believe they can do a good job. Good job meaning not pushing their ideals to the point that they won't compromise or not talk to the other side to find a solution. There are not many candidates that are willing to do that, unfortunately, so it makes my vote extremely hard.

I'm about to upset pretty much everyone but here we go. Joe Biden is not qualified to be our President. He's not. He has no platform whatsoever. He has no willingness, it seems, to want to work with the other side to come to a solution about anything. Donald Trump has no business being our President. All he is doing is running this country like it's an episode of The Apprentice. It's embarrassing.

My frustration with politics is the exact opposite of anyone else. I'm not upset at one party or the other. I'm upset because people want to use politics as a way to live their life. All that will do is make you miserable and angry all the time. Which is pretty much how everyone that rants and raves over politics is. And honestly, I hate writing this article because I'm talking about politics.

I hate politics. I hate that people have to feel so strongly about one side or the other. They're both worthless and are doing absolutely nothing to make our lives better. A portion of our hard earned money goes to their $150,000, or whatever ridiculous amount they're paid, a year salary to do nothing but argue and accomplish nothing. In a real world scenario, they would be fired for not performing their job.

Some of these people have been doing the job for thirty plus years. If after thirty years, you haven't gotten one thing accomplished, you're probably doing the wrong thing or doing it just to get an easy paycheck. Which then becomes the employers fault for keeping that person around. In other words, it's our own fault.

So yeah, all those Washington D.C. "heroes" you keep turning to are worthless employees just wasting your money. Stop wasting your life arguing for or against them. How about finding a person that will actually stand and say, let's actually work together and get this problem fixed. Because until then, it won't get fixed. Period.

And now, let's look at something fun.

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