Tyler's downtown venue, the Coffin Shop, will be opening its doors for possibly the last time this Friday night. This "end of the world" show and art sale will be a great way to celebrate the weekend or the Mayan apocalypse. To ensure a proper goodbye to the world, you could come and have one final fun night out on the town.

Right off of Broadway before you reach the square, there lies a little basement venue that is holding the best way to spend the end of days. For one night only, because the world might end, you can see some of the best night life Tyler has to offer.

The showcase of art will be from local talents such as: Daniel Haddad, Nick Fadely, Mason Buchanan, Sam Fontenot, Becca Clarke, and Nora Schreiber. Come out and enjoy a great exhibition of all different styles and mediums of art. Also, this art will be on sale. This could be a great chance to do some last minute Christmas shopping. These gifts will be one a kind buys for that someone you love.

The night will also have the musical stylings of three great bands. The Bigsbys and The Mike Acoustic Duo will be playing along with The Problem Preachers. You may remember The Problem Preachers for their two-year run in our very own East Texas Takeover contest. All three bands have a unique sound and a wealth of talent. They will surely make your feet get loose and your hips wiggle.

Come out at 9 p.m. Friday (Dec. 21). Don't miss out on what could be the last show and art exhibition that ever will happen. If the Mayans were right, this will be the last night out ever.