There are a couple of returning contenders this round. Are you ready to judge who you like best?

This is the chance for bands from East Texas to get air play on 96X The Rock of East Texas, and it is really turning into a fight. First, let's all congratulate The Alan Fox Band for winning Round 2. Now,  let's put four more bands to the test. Ready, set, go for round three!

We've got four songs from East Texas bands for you to check out, and then vote for the song you think is the best. The winning song will be announced and played on the air Monday, Nov. 19. We'll also include a song or two each week from bands that competed in our first installment of the East Texas Takeover earlier this year.

If you are interested in competing in this competition in the future, click here to see how you can send us your tunes!

So, take a listen, cast your vote and be sure and SHARE this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and get them to vote, too!

Let's begin!


1. Jonny Pecker and the Beaver Bustin Pickle Weasels
'Drink Til She's Pretty' 

  • Vocals: Jonny Pecker
  • Guitar: Justin Gibbons
  • Bass: Matt Collier
  • Drums/ Vocals: Drew Emory

2. Victims of Sanity 'Devil'

  • Vocals: James Bennett
  • Guitar: Jeremiah Ansohn
  • Bass: Seth Newberry
  • Drums: Richard Lackey

3. Oscillations of a Revitalized Neurosis State
'This is the Time'

O - This Is the Time]

Vocals + Guitar + Programming + Engineering + Mixing and Mastering: Gary Westin

4. The Problem Preachers 'Khan'

  • Vocals/ Guitar: Patrick Saikin
  • Bass Guitar: Blake Watson
  • Drums: Jimmy Leach


Let's get our vote on!

Note: You can vote ONCE PER DAY, so keep coming back to this page every 24 hours and you can vote for your favorite band! Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 18.