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See REO & Chicago In Dallas, On Us!
Win free tickets to the show & be at Dos Equis Pavilion on June 29th, when Kevin Cronin leads REO Speedwagon onto the concert stage. You'll see Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame band Chicago that night too!
A Splash Pad Is Coming To Lindale
Summer is here, the heat and humidity are nearly unbearable - oh, who are we kidding, IT IS UNBEARABLE! Now Lindale kids will soon have a new place to cool off at during these unbearable times.
3 Reasons Why the World Cup Will Make You a Bigger Soccer Fan
Watching the early matches in the 2018 FIFA World Cup makes you realize that running around for ninety minutes straight sure will keep a body looking fit and trim. Man, those guys are in shape! Bulging calf muscles aside, we've got three reasons why this tournament will make us all bigger soc…

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