Cage Match: Seether vs. Theory of a Deadman [VIDEO + POLL]
Def Leppard held the title at the end of the 1980s weeks in the Cage Match. But for the next two weeks we will now get into bands' first hits. Seether will be in the cage today with Theory of a Deadman with their first charting hits battling it out.
Seether Honored for Decade of Success
In the ever-changing world of the music industry, it’s a rarity for bands to reach a decade with the same representation, but Seether are still going strong with Wind-Up Records after hitting the 10-year mark. To help celebrate the occasion, Seether were surprised backstage by President/CEO Ed Vetri…
Seether Holding Onto ‘Strings’ Album a Little While Longer
For a lot of bands, the sooner they can record new music and get it out to the public, the better it is, and sometimes having a hit record can stand in the way of those plans. For Seether, however, the group is relishing their current success and don’t want to shortchange the 2011 al…

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