Def Leppard held the title at the end of the 1980s weeks in the Cage Match. But for the next two weeks we will now get into bands' first hits. Seether will be in the cage today with Theory of a Deadman with their first charting hits battling it out.

Seether had their first hit called "Fine Again" on their debut studio album "Disclaimer," which just celebrated its 10th anniversary. These guys have won so many awards to list on the Billboard charts and MTV Awards. But nevertheless this is their first hit below.

Theory of a Deadman from British Columbia formed in 2001 and had their first hit called "Make Up Your Mind" on their self-titled 2002 release. They have had loads of chart-toppers and a few nods for group of the year at the Juno awards and Rock album of the year awards. Check out their video below.

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