It's time to move out of 2006 and onto 2007 with the biggest rock hits of the year. We will start with Seether and Foo Fighters in the new edition of the Cage Match.Seether, your boys from South Africa, had the No. 1 song for 2007 rated by Tunecaster. The song was "Fake It," which was released on the album "Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces." The album debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard chart with more than 56,000 copies sold it's first week.

Seether: 'Fake It'

Band two needs no introduction. The Foo Fighters are in the cage with their song "The Pretender." This song was on their album "Echoes,S ilence, Patience & Grace," which hit gold and platinum status certifications. It was the No. 2 best charting song of the year by Tunecaster.

Foo Fighters: 'The Pretender'