What Do You Eat for Breakfast? [POLL]
I see many people driving into work every day on my commute. They're hurriedly munching or sipping breakfast on the way to work. Today's culture has changed so much that we are in a hurry, so we don't sit and have a traditional breakfast like we used to. Heck, we hardly sit as a famil…
Dirty Mind? Restaurant Under Fire for Racially Offensive Menu
So, if you go into a restaurant and the menu has a dish called the "Dirty Sanchez Crab," are you going to order there? The Dirty Sanchez and the Wetback Willie are just a couple of items on the menu at Lola's Burrito Joint in Jacksonville, Fla., that has people scowling at the…
Olympics Shut Down City Hall Computer Systems [POLL]
Employees in Southern California are in some hot water after shutting down the computer system at LA's City Hall. An email was sent out to workers telling them to get off their computers and get back to work. It seems the employees are more interested in watching the Olympic games than working!
Olympic Flame Dies, Has to be Lit Again
Don't freak out people -- it was planned! According to tradition, the flame has to burn inside its cauldron for the duration of the game, however it went out this Sunday, 11:14pm London time. The whole event was planned as a part of technicians needing to move the cauldron to a new location in …
Lawsuits Begin in Colorado Theater Shooting [POLL]
TMZ is reporting that Shirley Wygal, the mother of one of the victims of the Aurora, Colo., movie shootings is suing Century 16 Theater. Now one of the survivors of the shooting is apparently planning to sue Warner Bros. and even the doctor of accused shooter James Holmes.

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