I see many people driving into work every day on my commute. They're hurriedly munching or sipping breakfast on the way to work. Today's culture has changed so much that we are in a hurry, so we don't sit and have a traditional breakfast like we used to. Heck, we hardly sit as a family as it is, so why do it for breakfast?So, we grab what is the easiest to eat on the run, or we just have a java or energy drink and hit the bricks. It is weird how society has changed, molding us away from traditional traits.

I find it even more shocking that people get dessert like super-whip cream lattes and donuts every day. I personally drink a MetRx shake to start the day. But, I would love to sit at the breakfast table like we used to and get the day started right. Here is a poll on what some people have for breakfast. And 76 percent of us do eat some kind of breakfast.

But, the way we live will not let us. So, today vote on how you would prefer having your first meal of the day. Or tell us in the comments below.