New Words Make It Into The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Tomorrow
Every once in a while the editors of the Merriam Webster Dictionary decide to add words. Most are words that have been created to keep up with technology or just the world we live in today in general. "Sexting" for example, is one of the words that will be added to the printed vers…
Tyler ISD Hosting Anti-Bullying Training for Principals Today
There is no doubt that bullying is a huge problem in our schools today. I was just talking with a co-worker this week about that very subject. Not that there was no bullying when I was in school, but today there are so many other avenue's for bully's to do their thing. I mean social media, for examp…
4 Weird Food Cures
I've been on a health kick for the past eight or nine months and I'm signed up for a bunch of "healthy" newsletters via email. Today's email was on weird food cures and a couple of them caught my attention - including eating asparagus to prevent a hangover!
Sleep Tight! Summer Heat Means Higher Spider Population
I've noticed a ton of people recently on Facebook complaining about spiders and scorpions in their house. Bad news for you people with arachnophobia - high temperatures and drought are some key conditions that lead to overpopulation of cold-blooded insects!

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