Today I was reading a survey that West Virgina, Louisiana, Kentucky, Nevada and Mississippi are the five least liveable states, according to a recent poll.These states all were voted on a Gallup poll and had many things wrong with them to rate so low.

Future livability, full-time employment, job creation and outlook on life all attributed to the rankings. Now these are some of the highest qualities a person would rank a state for their family. See the list for most and least liveable cities in America here.

Wrapping up the top 10 least livable cities were Florida, Alabama, New Mexico and Ohio. Texas was No. 1 -- really?

There where many consumer complaints that also went into this poll to sway your opinion. These where pretty much right on in some cases, but I do have to not agree with one or two of these in the top 20.

So it is time for you to get your vote on today. What do you think?