Well, here we go again, like Whitesnake would sing. But in a different way, because today's story is from the real big loser column.

Lawanda Gale, 32, was driving to a bar in Gainsville, Fla. with eight (yes, eight!) kids in the car, ages ranging from infant to 14 years old.

The first problem? She was drinking. The second? She sideswiped a car. And if you add in the fact that she was still headed to a bar, you've got triple the moron. What was she going to do, just leave them in the car while she went in and drank some more? She was already twice the legal limit.

Apparently, six of the kids were her own, while two were her nieces. I bet their mother is happy ... not.

Enjoy the bars now, sweet cake. Gale is being held on $275,000 bail and eight counts of child neglect.