Don't go into this fast food restaurant on South Broadway in Tyler lookin' for iceberg lettuce, because it's been ditched for healthier options.  What will you find instead?  

Chick-fil-A says they don't serve iceberg lettuce because of the lack of nutritional value, and they've replaced it with healthier options like dark greens that are on the list of superfoods.

(Drinking a glass of water and eating a head of iceberg are close to the same thing on the nutritional spectrum.  Lots of liquid and no vitamins.  So if you're thirsty, eat iceberg!)

In the meat-and-potato land of Nebraska where I grew up, we thought eating iceberg lettuce was such a healthy thing to do.   An iceberg wedge with a little Dorothy Lynch dressing was all we needed to think we were really getting our veggies, and keeping pace with the diets of Olympic athletes.  Riiiight.

And then the super food revolution happened, and we all figured out that iceberg lettuce has very little, if any, nutritional value.  At home and at restaurants, suddenly iceberg was replaced on the plate with spring mixes, spinach leaves, kale, and radicchio.

There's big demand now across the country for healthy options, and Chick-fil-A says it's responding to customers' needs.

As long as they keep cranking out the waffle fries, parents and kids will both be happy.