Classes start in August 24th in Tyler, and back-to-school shopping is in full swing.  School starts August 22nd in Longview.

The amount we're spending on school supplies is, well...a good chunk of a paycheck. Ready for the amount?  We've also got a way to help with school supplies for kids at the Buckner Family Hope Center.

Back-to-school shopping is more than shoes, jeans, pencils, and erasers.  All of that adds up quickly enough, but it's really the electronics that boost the total into the $75-billion range overall.  No one is taking notes on a legal pad when you can plug them right into the iPad or laptop.

Each of us spends an average of $673 on school supplies, according to Forbes.  And the stores love us.  Christmas still rules, but all of the backpack and shoe shopping makes this the second-biggest shopping season of the year for retailers.

Since school supplies are expensive and going up, we're helping as many kids as we can with the Stuff the Bus school supply drive.

We're piling up the school supplies with Citizens National Bank, and they'll start passing them out next week.  Drop donations off at Citizens National Bank locations and several other spots through Sunday.

We hope this helps get the school year off to a great start.  And bring on football!