Highest Paying Jobs Come From These UT-Tyler Majors
If you are after a high-paying job and you picked an engineering major at UT-Tyler, or one of these degree programs at Tyler Junior College, you're well on your way.
What other college majors will lead to the most money after graduation?
No Homework All Year For These Texas Students
A Texas teacher is getting a lot of attention for a "no homework" policy that she says she's planning to stick to all year long.
She wants kids to play outside, have dinner with family, and get to bed early instead of burying noses in the books at home.  Think it'll c…
School Starts Two Weeks From Today in Tyler
Classes start in August 24th in Tyler, and back-to-school shopping is in full swing.  School starts August 22nd in Longview.
The amount we're spending on school supplies is, well...a good chunk of a paycheck. Ready for the amount?  We've also got a way to help with schoo…
Is A Longer School Year For Students On the Way? [VIDEO]
Growing up, the things that I always looked forward to the most about school was the breaks. I got about a week for Thanksgiving, 2-3 for Christmas, a week for spring break, and then about 2.5 months for summer. Summer break was my favorite for obvious reasons. Well, it's a good thing that I go…