In a climate where our cultural is often divided, wouldn't it be great if we could make some small changes towards unity, even with something as simple as ice cream?

You've probably enjoyed the deliciousness of Blue Bell ice cream's homemade vanilla and dutch chocolate ice cream. I know I have, and often when we were kids my parents would bring home 'The Great Divide,' so they could get both flavors in one half gallon.

Traci Schmidley and her family have written an open letter to Blue Bell with a simple request to change the name of the popular flavor, 'The Great Divide' to 'Better Together.'

Schmidley's post stirred up controversy and caught the eye of several news outlets, including Love What Matters. Schmidley stated in the story that this didn't start because they were upset or offended by the name:

Despite reports to the contrary, nobody claimed the original name was racist. We weren’t whining or complaining or ‘demanding change.’ The children are 8, 10, and 11-years old. They are precious people, with beautiful hearts, who just didn’t think the name ‘great divide’ was the best name for something as wonderfully unifying as Blue Bell ice cream. So, they humbly, respectfully, and politely presented another idea, an idea that I feel shows us where our nation is heading. As a teacher and mother, I am really proud of these young people and I believe in #bettertogether and I’m so grateful my children and students do as well.

Traci added in a later post that Blue Bell did contact them, saying:

Blue Bell called us today and they were incredibly supportive of our family, complimentary toward the children, and not at all bothered or offended by our post. They actually loved it! They are sending the kids a letter and we will share it with you when we receive it!

What do you think? Should Blue Bell change the name?

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