So ladies, when it comes to relationships, do you think a guy with a failed marriage is damaged goods?  Or is he road-tested and primed with good experience, and someone who has learned from his mistakes?

More and more women are saying it's the latter.  Yes please!

Women don't want a guy who has very little relationship experience, according to a new study by psychologists.  If the guy has had at one or two long-term relationships, he's seen as a much more favorable catch than the eternal bachelor types that have yet to settle down.

When you're looking through online profiles and you see a guy who is single an never been married and his longest relationship was under a year, don't ya kinda wonder about him?  What's the problem, why not cutie?!

On the flip side, that guy who is newly divorced after 10 years might have learned something from his past mistakes and will make a great catch next time around.  At least that's the idea.  He's not damaged goods, he's just good and practiced up for the next go-around.

Of course, we don't want a guy with TOO many relationships.  There's a sweet spot in there somewhere, and the challenge is finding it.