Some stories just make you facepalm and question the minds of some people. That's exactly the reaction I got from reading this story out of Whitehouse. Someone actually thought it was the right thing to do to take someone's grave from the ground and move it to another spot in a cemetery. Wow. Just wow.

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Let's go through the facts, first, as written at Tavion Bell buried his mother, Frances Attaway Wallace, at Blackjack Cemetery in Whitehouse in May of 2021. In August of 2021, Bell received a call from two members of the Blackjack Cemetery board asking if his mother's body could be moved. The Bell's said no. Then in November, while the Bell's were attending another family funeral, they were told that the cemetery had moved their mother.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office was made aware of this and arrested Ella Louise Brown and Malachi Dews and charged them with removal of remains. Why was this body moved without permission? According to the Bell family it was because another family didn't like that their mother was buried there. WHAT?!

How arrogant and disgraceful can you be? You didn't like that someone was buried next to her husband because it was "too close" to your family member. That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I guess I'm just "old fashioned." "Old fashioned" meaning I actually have respect for someone.

We've gotten upset with people for ignoring us when we told them no. It's something that is forgivable, though, and we'll move on. However, in a case like this, no meant no and it should have stayed at that. Such an angering story and I hope the Bell family can find some peace and rest for their mother, Frances Attaway Wallace.

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