What a storm we had last night in East Texas. Wow.

There's a good chance you, like me, were awakened in the wee hours by the thunder and lightening. It was definitely a tumultuous storm, raging and flashing for hours. It felt like an appropriate metaphor for what we've been going through lately with this pandemic. It has felt a bit like a storm. But every storm cloud has a silver lining.

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The storm also made the beautiful sunshine today even more welcome and all the more a blessing for an Easter Sunday. I've been doing a bit of gardening the past few days to help combat anxiety, and digging in the earth and planting lovely things that I look forward to watch growing and thriving has indeed been very therapeutic. The storm, although intense, provided the life-giving rain water that will aid in this beauty coming to fruition. That is an encouraging thought.

Despite the fact that this Easter feels much different due to the "stay at home" mandate, it certainly "feels" like Easter to me. The beauty after the storm is hopeful and is a reminder that "this too shall pass." It feels like a promise of new life and new beginnings to look forward to after this crisis.

However you celebrate the day, may it be a peaceful day with your family and loved ones.

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