The Evans United Carnival is back for its Spring run at Tyler's Broadway Square Mall! 


Check out the wide variety of rides, including some that are perfect for younger children, & others that will appeal to older kids looking for a few more thrills.  Of course adults who still wanna be kids, at least while we're at the carnival, will like those bigger ride options as well.  In addition, there are lots of midway-style games to test your skills, along with plenty of souvenirs, food & drinks to enjoy.

You'll find the carnival setup on the south end of the Broadway side of the mall (it's impossible to miss at night).  It's open from now until April 26:

  • Monday through Thursday: 5-11 pm
  • Friday: 5 pm - Midnight
  • Saturday: 1 pm - Midnight
  • Sunday: 1 pm - 10 pm

Hurry, hurry, hurry, & step right up for plenty of local fun!

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