We all have our favorites.  One spot in Austin makes the list for the best pizza in the country, and that made me curious about your favorite Tyler spot.  Where do you go when you want an amazing slice?

MSN posted an article breaking down the 101 Best Pizzas in the US, and The Backspace restaurant in Austin made the list.  The professionally trained chef at The Backspace uses toppings like fennel sausage, kale pesto, arugula, and picante salame, and works up some gourmet pies on thin crusts.

It's not plain ole pepperoni and cheese with grease dripping off, but both approaches have a place it seems.

So what's your go-to spot for pizza in Tyler or Longview or Kilgore or wherever you happen to eat?   Marco's?  Bruno's?  Mazzio's? Papa Johns or Pizza Hut?

It's football playoff time and we need to know these things.

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