Even after living in East Texas since I was a kiddo, for some reason I'd never gone up until fairly recently. Who knows why? Perhaps I was skeptical about what I'd find, despite the incessant encouragement and stories of treasures found from many a friend.

But then I finally went--and I was immediately converted into a lover of First Monday Trade Days in Canton--WHICH is happening this weekend, by the way.

Photo cred: First Monday Trade Days
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If you've never been or it has been awhile, you won't believe the vast gathering of creators and purveyors of all kinds of interesting things. What a blast. Practically anything you might be seeking is probably available somewhere.

By the time I left the first time, I'd picked up some fresh baked bread from an artisan baker, a fun gypsy necklace, bath oils, a flipping dining table, and even an Indian-styled parasol.

You can find practically anything you're looking for. Photo cred: First Monday Trade Days

Also, I don't know if you can relate, but sometimes I just crave a dose of fun foods that take me back to being a kid. All kinds of deliciousness await from BBQ sandwiches, nachos, corn dogs, and fried Oreos. Oh my. Is it possible to have an intense crush on a food item?

Fried Oreos. Photo Cred: Tara Holley

And if you're not up to walking around all day, you can totally rent a scooter--which is such fun. And yes some people will look at you funny but really--who the heck cares?

Such FUN. Maybe I'll see ya there. Last time, I saw about eighteen more things I'd like to buy. Will I rent a scooter again? Hmm. ;)

Photo cred: First Monday Trade Days

Wanna see and map and get more info? Visit them online here.

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