So, if you're 6-6 tall, the alligator that was found recently in this East Texas town was double your size.

And that big creature may have been the reason that several dogs disappeared.

Neighbors in an area near Jasper reported several dogs missing over the past few months, and they thought a gator might be to blame. One man said he'd been looking for the alligator since the summer, but a Game Warden with orders to kill the gator found him first this week. KHOU in Houston ran a story that said it took 12 shots to kill the alligator.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says Jasper does have an alligator hunting season in September, so sightings are not uncommon. Trip Advisor posts an interesting photo warning that visitors may encounter the gators. But they're usually between 8 and 11 feet long.

And the most fun to see behind a nice thick plate of glass at the zoo.

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