Saturday, Catch Me If You Can Southern Creole StrEATery was set up in front of O'Reilly's in Lindale. Me or my girlfriend had not tried their food before so we stopped by to pick up dinner.

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My girlfriend has been wanting to try them for a while now. She would get so upset when she missed the food truck anywhere. We finally caught them and it was certainly worth every penny.

I got the catfish plate which has two fish filets, fries and hush puppies. She got the fried crawfish tails plate which came with fries. We added the fried boudin and boudin eggroll. We had to split each entree.

The fish filets were huge, I wouldn't have been able to eat both without being a miserable, full, mess afterwards. What really topped it off was the Cajun Ranch sauce. Oh man, it was the perfect mixed of cajun spices and ranch and great with both the catfish and the crawfish tails.

We both loved the fried boudin. She was less enthused about the boudin eggroll, I loved it. All in all, it was a great experience and Catch Me If You Can Southern Creole StrEATery has moved to the top of my favorite food truck list. I will be back.

Find out the Catch Me If You Can Southern Creole StrEATery schedule on their Facebook page.