So, if you're a fellow coffee lover like I am, you may feel we are living in a golden age. For decades now, we've seen coffee culture explode like never before. That means, sure, a Starbucks on every corner. However, even privately-owned coffee shops have begun to pop up in our suburbs and downtown areas and it's wonderful. We have small batch, fair trade, cold brew, and every kind of coffee concoction you can enjoy here on Earth. It seems we have it all. However, have you ever had a cup of coffee brewed from beans roasted in space? Well, that could change.

We live in the age of start-ups and crowdfunded projects, and now, one company is seeking to "launch" into success by offering the public coffee beans that are, in fact, roasted in space. How would they do this?

A startup company called Space Roasters wants to use the heat produced from a spacecraft seeking to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. They've even designed a custom-made capsule that will lovingly cradle these space-roasted beans until they parachute back to Earth to bring us their galactic flavors. Perfect. So, what's the catch?

Well, if you ever thought Starbucks was expensive, prepare to freak. As of now, cost estimates for one cup of coffee are averaging at around $500. Yeah, and that number is based on whether or not they find someone to give their gear a lift into space. Elon? Sir Richard Branson? They are in talks with two companies as of now--Rocket Lab and Blue Origin.

Your thoughts? I tell ya, the only way most of us could fathom shelling out $500 bucks for space coffee is if it came with a cosmically-created diamond floating in it and was served by an actual alien life-form. We shall see.

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