Summer travel season is here. Folks from Dallas, Texas to Houston, Tyler and Athens are packing their bags and heading off to enjoy a much-deserved summer vacation with the family. Flight, rental car, and hotel reservations are made, the activities are lined out and the last thing you want is an illness to creep in and destroy those plans.

Social media has taken a front seat to warn us about certain things in life. While a lot of the information on social platforms is inaccurate, there is some information that is eye-opening, thought-provoking, and helpful. Flight attendants are suggesting that passengers should never drink anything that is served to them on a plane unless they see it come from a can or a bottle.

Airlines passengers are encouraged not to drink water served from pitchers while in flight.

The reason is that the airlines seem to rarely clean and disinfect the on-board water tanks. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires airlines to test and disinfect the water tanks regularly for public health, however, that doesn't appear to happen as often as required, according to this report. The EPA requires tanks to be emptied and tested for E. Coli and other bacteria at least four times a year for each aircraft.

Avoid ordering these drinks at 35,000 feet.

Airline employees have come out and said that if you are served water, tea, or coffee from anything other than a bottle or can, you should decline that drink. Often times those three drinks are prepared using the water from the tanks that seem to be rarely inspected.

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Something as simple as being served water, tea, or coffee from a pitcher or decanter could ruin your best-planned vacation, don't let that happen to you. As the flight attendant in the TikTok video above says, arrive at the terminal early and pick up your coffee while in the airport.

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