It happens the first Saturday of every month, and in September Parents' Night Out falls on Labor Day Weekend so it's even better.  Drop the kids off and go have your hot date night, and you'll set up the rest of the weekend to be great too.

Every 1st Saturday of the month, Urban Air Adventure Park lets parents drop off the kids from 6 pm to 10 pm, and the great workers there keep the kids off of screens and entertain them and give them some good exercise and it's great.

Urban Air will host Parents Night Out again this Saturday, September 4th, and it's 4-hours of fun for the kids while the parents get a much-needed date night out. lays it out this way:

Prices starting from $35 per child for Ultimate Pass
•1 Sibling - $35
•2 Siblings - $48
•3 Siblings - $60
•4 Siblings - $72

Secure Checkout | 4 Hour Ultimate Passes | Access to All Attractions | Pizza & Bottled Water | Dodgeball Tournament | Various Activities & Games

Urban Air Adventure Park (Tyler)
8958 S Broadway St, Suite 120, Tyler, TX 75703

We're also giving away an Urban Air Adventure Park gift card on our mobile app, which could offset the cost of Parents Night Out, and you might have some leftover wine and dine money.  Check out our mobile app for the details, and good luck!

Urban Air used to focus on trampolines, but now they've added a ropes course, climbing wall, a climbing hill, warrior course, and the Sky Rider indoor skydiving adventure.  Don't miss it!  And have a great date night.

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