Texans are so good at making the most of the outdoors.  In the spring. When it's not a hundred degrees at noon.

State parks can be great places to ride bikes if you know where to go, and we've got a hidden gem right here in Tyler.   

Attaching your bike to the back of your SUV is the hardest part of this deal, and once you get past that it's a matter of picking your starting point on ten miles of trails and riding until your legs get numb.  For some of us, that happens more quickly than it does for others.

Tyler State Park is one of the 10 Parks with Pedal Power, and Texas Parks and Wildlife says mountain bikers love it because it has well-marked, varied trails that don't get too crowded.  Sometimes Texas gets a bad reputation for being too flat, but on these bike trails there are plenty of climbs and descents.

If cycling isn't your thing, you can do some geocaching, camp, have a picnic, or study a little nature and show the kids that there is more to life than screens and snapchat and games.  We have to bring the phone for the Instagram moments, but then we can put it away and breathe in some fresh air.

Other good spots in Texas to do some biking this spring include:

And your neighborhood park in Lufkin.

There are plenty of great spots to do something active with your fam and friends in East Texas this spring, and create some Instagram moments to prove that you did it.  We'll watch for those as the weather warms up, and high five ya for making it happen.

If you have other good trails to add, let us know.

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