It is incredibly rare to hear any Texan avoid complaining or commenting about the certain impending heat that has been a fixture in our Lone Star State anytime after March 1. The other certainty is the speed in which we find our disdain for rain at anytime around East Texas and beyond.

Yes, we have had plenty of rain around the Tyler/Longview area recently. According to the National Weather Service the area has seen the second highest percentage total of rainfall during the months of January through May 2019. This is the most rain we've seen since 2009. According to Meteorologist Doc Deason, Tyler Pounds Field has recorded 28.46 inches of rainfall thus far in 2019 which is almost 10 inches more than the 18.93 inches recorded January through May of last year.

heavy rain

April 2019 alone is ranked as one of the rainiest months in the last 30 years as we saw 10.63 inches come down as opposed to only 1.98 inches last year. At the current rate of rainfall where we average 5.69 inches per month thus far, we are on track to receive the most rainfall the area has recorded in over 10 years at 68.30 inches.

In 2015, Tyler received almost 26 inches of rainfall in March, April, and May alone. 9.5 more inches of rain fell in the months of October and December as well. The area was drenched with over 68 inches of rain for the year.

The excess amount of rainfall during these few months will dramatically help maintain a much more manageable temperature fluctuation through the normal peak hot months of July and August here in East Texas. The need to keep the ground cool could affect high temperatures as much as 5 degrees.

Hopefully we can manage the flooding threat around the rivers and low lying county roads long enough to cool the ground for a much more manageable Texas summer.

Here is data comprised of rainfall totals for the area dating back to 2010, provided by


Avg (*)Max (#)2019201820172016201520142013201220112010

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