Two of our Texas cities made the 'Top 10 Most Likely to Get in A Car Accident' list. No matter if you're driving in Tyler, Longview, Houston, Texas, or Dallas, Texas, we always need to pay attention and practice 'defensive driving.'

That's especially true in these two Texas cities.

Texas likes to be known for doing things bigger and better and making ALL OF THE LISTS when it comes to things we do well. And there are MANY things we do very, VERY well. However, this is not a list we want to be on, to be perfectly honest.

Forbes Magazine shared this list in a recent post that named two Texas cities.

According to the report from Forbes Magazine, "This guide explains which city has the most car accidents as well as offers some insight into why certain cities can be so dangerous for motorists. Forbes assembled this guide using research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Allstate showing accident locations across the United States."

You'll notice that the cities on this list are either near a coastline on in cities with a large population with a weaker public transportation paradigm in place. And that brings us to the two cities in Texas that made the list.

Which Two Texas cities made the list, then?

According to the data table shared in the post by Forbes Magazine, Houston, Texas and Dallas, Texas are two of the cities where, according to statistics, we are most likely to find ourselves in an unfortunate collision.  While I've not spent much time driving in Houston, I can definitely say that driving in Dallas, Texas is a challenge and requires FULL focus while driving.

I have noticed that the city is doing its best to make the roadways safer and it seems they're adding a new 'mix master' every year or so... But still, for those of us who drive in these cities, it is worth noting and taking extra care when traveling in these cities.

But as I always say, no matter where you're driving please 'drive like ya know each other.' And put the phone down, please. We want you to get where you're going SAFELY.

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