As if you didn't already have enough to keep track of when it comes to the various social media, right? It seems like every day there is some new innovation beckoning us ever deeper into the online social playgrounds. But hey, we obviously like it, considering how much time we spend on social media every day so, meet the "fleets."

Similar to Instagram and Facebook's "Stories" feature, Twitter's fleets work almost identically. You can share a tweet to your series of fleets, or upload a photo or video from your camera roll, add text if you want, and boom! you've "fleeted."

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I'm guessing the name "Fleets" is their clever way of communicating that these are "fleeting." (Meaning that the fleets remain visible for 24 hours unless you manually delete them.) And of course, "fleet" rhymes with "tweet." How cute.

This is the latest of their additions to the Twitter platform. A few months ago, they added the option of uploading audio only to your timeline.

Although users are tweeting their annoyance about yet another new feature to learn, even fleeting about it, they clearly are using it. The top of Twitter now shows a row of fleets you can check out. Users will also be able to see who has viewed their fleets. Although, like on Instagram and Facebook, who has viewed them will only be visible to the user.

Photo from Twitter's Twitter account
Photo from Twitter's Twitter account

Many "tweeters" continue to bemoan the fact that Twitter has yet to add an edit button, finding it hard to believe they're adding audio and fleeting options, but you still can't correkt yur misspellings without completely deleting and re-sending your tweets. Ah, the social dilemmas we have to deal with in this modern age. ;)

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