I know, guys aren't supposed to like cats.  I suppose because cats can't be mind controlled like dogs.  Or maybe it's because they can't be physically controlled without them making a war with their apparent 4 million claws should you try.  Let me confidently say I am a cat guy and it's International Cat Day!

Allow me to introduce my favorite non-human, but darn near it creature: Juniper!

Don, 96-1

In the spirit of full disclosure, she is really unusual because of her numerous activities and traits that make her a perfect balance of cat and dog.  For instance, she'll walk with you like a dog but doesn't eat the poo of other animals.  Juniper just showed up at "The Compound" one day a few years ago as part of a litter.  The mother cat and others went away but she stayed behind.  She is now a permanent part of the family.

Another Cat (Not Juniper)
Don, 96-1


If you want a kitty in your family I would encourage you to visit the Humane Society of East Texas and spend some time in the Cattery.  Yeah, even if you are a dude.  Suck it up! If you have a cat you'll love this: