It’s happened to us all at work at some point or another, that lunch you brought in and placed in the office refrigerator somehow disappears by the time you go to enjoy it.  That’s happened to me quite a few times here at the radio station but hasn’t happened in a couple of years though thankfully.  One guy, at an unnamed company, was tired of his fruit being robbed from his desk, so he took matters into his own hands to find the culprit.

To catch the one responsible for stealing the fruit off of his desk, he set up a webcam from his computer at his desk to catch the thief.  It didn’t take long to find them either because it was a member of the cleaning staff that was doing it late at night while making her rounds.

The guy didn’t report the incident to his superiors, so the worker didn’t lose her job because he felt she was humiliated enough by the way he handled it.  And the worker says, he hasn’t had any fruit stolen since.

Find out how he exposed the thief stealing his fruit, watch the video below from Good Morning America on ABC.  Then be a part of the poll below the video.


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