Some of my favorite memories of my childhood include sitting outside in our backyard at night and gazing up the sky. On one particularly clear evening, I remember looking at what seemed like a million more stars than usual, and being filled with absolute wonder and awe. I recall pondering what it might be like to be able to fly above the Earth and explore the galaxy. Perhaps I also hoped I might pass by a UFO--or at least some kind of enchanted friendly space-being.

I may be quite grown-up now, but even now I can transport back to being that wonder-filled little kid whenever I spend an evening outside and look up for awhile. Do you remember that feeling?

Your child can have that same experience, no matter what time of day it is, thanks to The Center for Earth and Space Science Education at TJC.

They are hosting a “Winter Wonder Lab” camp experience during the winter break, December 26 – 28, 2018, from 9 a.m. - noon each day. Your child will have the opportunity, through technology, to soar through our galaxy, ponder the planets of our solar system, learn about constellations in the night sky, and even look at the science of why our seasons change.

This certainly sounds like an “out of this world” experience that will keep your kids engaged in their education during the winter break. Oh, and get ready. They may very well want to take you for an evening of wonder-filled star-gazing over the holiday season.

Find more registration and program information at or call 903-510-2312.

Registration deadline is December 19.


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