What makes a good steak varies from person to person.  Well-done isn't too appealing for someone who likes that fancy pants tartare stuff. But one Texas steakhouse hits enough high points with everyone that it's been named the Best Steakhouse in Texas.

MSN.com says Eddie V's Prime Seafood in Austin and Dallas gets credit for it's "steak served with live jazz music playing in the background."  So the atmosphere counts.  The steak must be pretty good too.

Eddie V's gets fancy with a description of the experience on its website, and says it's "fine seafood expertly prepared and a charismatic vibe that words are powerless to define. But we invite you to try."  Wow.  Does the bubble bath come with it?

Congrats to Eddie V's on the national notice and the good excuse for a road trip.  And while we're at it, we should give some high fives to the steak that comes off of your back yard grill too.  We thank you for the smokey barbecue perfume that floats across East Texas every Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening.

Yay steaks! One of the biggest steak days of the year is coming up on the 4th of July.  We'll be ready to eat and celebrate meat.

Where do you get your favorite steak locally?

Have you tried Saltgrass Steak House in Tyler yet? What about Dakotas or Jack Ryan's?

I'm sure there are a handful of great places to grab a steak. Tell us where you get your meat on.

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