My dog would high five this dog and say "Amen."

A friend of mine was staring at her phone and couldn't stop laughing, and I asked her what in the heck was so funny.  This dog!  She shared it with me, and I am sharing with you.  Pet owners will relate.

Dogs don't want to go outside in the rain!  And if there was every any doubt about it, this dog will set the record straight.  Oh, if only dogs could talk.

My dogs, Harry and Libby, always get excited and hit the door with all sorts of energy, and as soon as they figure out it's raining outside they stop dead in their tracks and look at me like, "Oh noooo you didn't just let us out here thinking we're gonna pee anywhere but right here on the step."  This video is so dead on.

The chances that your dog will pee outside are pretty good today.  In fact, it's going to be sunny and between 78 and 88 all the way through the weekend, with just a twenty percent chance of rain.  So get out there and take care of business, pups.  And owners, be very glad you don't live in Seattle.