This year has been prickly for jobs, and there's got to be a light at the end of the tunnel, right?  Yes.  The best time of year to apply is right around the corner.

It seems like it goes against the grain with so many vacations this time of year and some businesses closing over the holidays.  But, I'm reading that Christmas can be the best time of year to send in an application.

CNBC says the holidays are actually the best time to job search, and there are several things you should be doing right now to land your dream job in 2021.  Some of them are a little obvious and job hunters may have been doing them all year to the point of banging their heads against the wall, but the key is NOW.  Now is the time to ramp it up, with January and February being the months when the most hiring happens.

1. Dust off your resume and LinkedIn profile.  If there were side hustles, online courses, or volunteer work that happened this year, make sure it's documented.

2. Up your networking game.  Ideas include sending holiday e-greetings to former colleagues, looking for virtual networking events over the next few weeks, and starting up conversations with professionals with similar interests in LinkedIn.

3. Stay on top of job listings and start applying.  Setting up alerts on Google, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor might be a good idea.  And know who the hiring manager is so you can check in.

4. Be patient and positive.  I know, don't even.  You've had enough and your patience is shot, but during the holiday season, companies are finalizing their plans for next year and that could include increasing the workforce and creating a spot for you. Hang tight.

Looking for a job can feel like a full-time job, and I've heard people say the best way to land a dream job is to treat the job search exactly that way.  Create hours during the day that are designated for the job hunt, and keep at it until the right position appears.

What if this whole pandemic leads to brand new industries, new jobs, and the best situation you've ever had?  I'm believin' it.  Because mindset is half the battle, and after a year like this, why the heck not.

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