Not a lot really makes a Texan feel threatened, in fact we often like to live by the phrase, "Don't mess with Texas," or else you will definitely find out. However, when there is a threat in Texas, you just know it is going to be BIGGER.

This time the threat is coming from across the ocean, and opposite half of the globe. Saharan dust has kicked up off the largest desert on Earth, and the trade winds are carrying it west over the Atlantic.

Apparently these dust clouds are nothing new to Central Texas because of their consistent presence annually after storms that strike the African Continent. I do feel a little bit betrayed by my schooling being so pro jet stream with zero mention of trade winds.

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So, if the meteorologists are correct in their predictions, the extra dust in the air should not concern any of us too much. In fact, with the Super Moon having occurred at the same time as the Saharan dust reaching the area, night time sky watching was also enhanced.

Other benefits of this massive dust cloud is its ability to block the Sun's intensity, and allowing the gulf waters a brief relief from warming too much and therefore turning into a hurricane. An added bonus is the dust is very dry and has plenty of absorbing power to also attract excess moisture, which is another ingredient in hurricane formation.

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