A few weeks ago during a neighborhood get together on the east side of Temple, Texas, I was asked if I did any bar-b-queuing at all. I looked at him, then at my 3 children, then back and said, "I have three little children, there is zero time to smoke meat at my house." Turns out, maybe it is the children who should be smoking the meat?

The day after Father's Day weekend in Hutto, Texas, the National High School BBQ Association’s National Championships were just held to show off the most talented up and coming pit masters in the United States of America. This brought in high school talent from seven different regions, and therefore numerous interpretations of what makes good, award winning bar-b-que.

After a full day of sweating it out in the Central Texas summer heat, what better place for the teams to meet on Tuesday, June 20th to learn who the champions are thank Kalahari Resort in Round Rock?

How did Temple High School end up taking 2nd place?

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The team was very consistent in the individual categories including winning grand champion honors for pork shoulder, also known as pork butt. They also scored a top 5 in two other categories.

They were awarded 4th place for chicken, and 5th place for steak fajita tacos. All of their cumulative scores allowed them to take home the title of Reserve Grand Champions (2nd Place Overall).

Not bad for a team that didn't even exist at this time last year. Fall of 2022 was the first time the group came together, and their very first competition was only 6 months ago in December.

Check out more in this Fox 44 article.

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