Just a couple of days ago I read the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day include chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. And today I read that those gifts are not a good idea because they don’t prove how much you love your sweetie; they just prove that you’re good at getting what everyone else gets at the nearest supermarket. Nothing says you’re unique and special like a mass-produced box of chocolates!

See if you take issue with these gifts. This is what the experts think we should avoid getting our significant others on that big day of love coming up Friday:

Gift cards
Live animals
Chocolates and flowers

And my personal favorite: Something you really want to have for yourself. If you really want the new Mario Brothers game, don’t give it to your sweat pea for Valentine’s Day. She might not appreciate it as much as you would!
But really? Chocolate is taboo? One thing I will say about lingerie…a girl has to feel sexy before she puts it on, and if she’s having one of those days where she’s feeling fat and bloated, she’s not gonna want to wear it. So be prepared!

Like love, Valentine’s Day itself is turning complicated. But who doesn’t want a romantic bouquet of flowers and a cute fuzzy kitten? I guess you’ll find out!

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