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The holidays are coming quickly, what surprises await you in a couple of weeks during Thanksgiving?

Well, in less than two weeks now quite a few of us will be inundated by an influx of family and friends as they all descend upon your house for Thanksgiving. Of course, we're looking forward to catching up with family members that we haven't really seen or spoken to within more than a year and in some cases, longer than that because we were isolating ourselves from them last year due to the pandemic. We'll be surprised at just how much our nieces and nephews have grown, shocked to learn that your cousin has had three significant others since you last saw each other and lose it when holding the newest members of the family.

While all of that is happening, there are those that are planning out and preparing the Thanksgiving feast for everyone. There will be turkey, dressing, gravy, salad, rolls, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows, fruit salad, chocolate pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie and countless other thrown together creations too on the table. No matter how well you plan or how well your Thanksgiving dinner is going to go, there's always something that could go wrong.

What could ruin your Thanksgiving feast?

There are so many things that could ruin your family dinner plans - no electricity, no gas, not enough food, forgot to make a certain dish - the reasons are endless. We posed a very similar question to that on our social media pages asking you to complete the following statement, 'Ruin Thanksgiving In 4 Words'.

What could ruin your family visit?

Your responses were spot on and we can relate to them all. As much as we'd like Thanksgiving to off without incident, there's ultimately something that could potentially ruin it for everyone. Hopefully though after reading through this list you won't forget anything, you'll stay civil with your family and everyone will enjoy themselves for Thanksgiving!

These Four Words Will Ruin An East Texas Thanksgiving

The holidays are coming quickly, what surprises await you in a couple of weeks during Thanksgiving? We asked that statement on our social media platforms and y'all gave us these four words.

LOOK: 20 of the Tyler, Texas area restaurants ready to come to your Thanksgiving dinner aid!

Whether you want to order just the turkey, pies, or the ENTIRE Thanksgiving spread, there are quite a few great restaurants that will help you with that!

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