Yeah, I know it seems like there's a special day for almost everything, but one I will definitely get behind is 'National Lipstick Day.' I mean, it's been a staple of beautification for millennia. Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, and women of note throughout the years have loved lipstick and even had their own signature colors.

Chuckle if you'd like, but for many women, lipstick is mood-elevating magic. Put on the right shade for the right event and you can change your mood and feel extra beautiful. Plus, from what I've experienced, men seem to enjoy lipstick too--at least indirectly. ;)

One of the offers I'm really excited about are the free gifts Dr. Rick Coker's Smile Studio is offering to the ladies. In celebration of 'National Lipstick Day on Monday, July 29th, if you swing by and just schedule an appointment you will also receive a free lipstick! I mean, one more great reason to perfect you smile, is how extra gorgeous you'll look wearing your new lipstick--even bright red if you so desire.

On top of that, there are many incredible offers to take advantage of on 'National Lipstick Day.' We're talking high-quality lipsticks from brands like Estee Lauder, Tarte, and MAC. Even better? Some of these will be offered at huge discounts and some will even be free, within certain parameters. PopSugar has collected a very helpful slideshow of some of the best offers available from many of your favorite brands. Check it out here!


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