Youtube gives plenty of love to Tyler with more videos about our town than we ever thought possible.  There are reasons to move here, reasons not to move here, and some amazing views of the city from a drone.  

Most people say they regret clicking on certain Youtube videos at least at some point during their weekly internet travels, and sometimes it's for pretty serious reasons like content that turns out to be violent, or the video is some sort of scam. Nobody's got time for that.

Other times the regret comes simply because the process is another rabbit hole we don't need to be going down and we recognize it.  A cat being so frightened by a cucumber that it jumps a foot straight up in the air is entertaining and all, but do we REALLY need to dedicate part of our workday to watching that stuff?  Yes, yes we do.  It's three minutes of our lives we'll never get back, and it is so worth it.  But people falling off of curbs and tripping over things, well, maybe we could do more constructive things with our time than watch those epic fails.

These videos about Tyler are worth watching to see what our neighbors are thinking.  All I did was go to Youtube and type "Tyler, TX" in the search box, and these beauties popped up.  Most of them are entertaining at the very least.

The Top Youtube Videos That Come Up When You Search "Tyler, TX"

People point out in the comments that Tyler is bigger than Longview so there might be a discrepancy or two.


This is from a realtor's perspective and he gives love to Tyler's schools and the job opportunities here.


This is an aerial view.  And check out the music!  It's like a spooky movie soundtrack.

Now, back to the videos of cats and cucumbers! This may have been a rabbit hole too, but it was a fun one.

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