Oh October, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Well, here's at least ONE more. This month's full moon has a special name. Which makes sense to me because everything is special about October. ;)

The 'Hunter's Moon' rises tonight. So if the sky cooperates take a few minutes, put on a light jacket, and go outside and take a look. Weep tears of joy whilst sipping your beer or tea and ponder the mysteries of life. ...Whoa, sorry wait: that's what I plan to do.


A little background on the 'Hunter's Moon?' According to NASA, it is the full moon following closest after the 'Harvest Moon' and the autumnal equinox. Also, if you hunt--they say it's a good time to do so--thus the name, I suppose.

Naturally with these types of things, the 'Hunter's Moon' has had different meaning in different cultures. For example, Algonquin tribes referred to the full moon in October as the 'Travel Moon,' or 'Dying Grass Moon.'

However, for people living in the Southern Hemisphere, it has very different names because, unlike us, their days are becoming longer and warmer. So, the names have been more along the lines of 'Waking Moon,' or 'Seed Moon.'

Fascinating. Learn more, if you'd like, here.



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