The first weekend in August is here.  For East Texans, the summer heat is just starting to reach its scorching crescendo.  While it's true the kids are going back to school soon, & the Cowboys' opening game is only a few weeks ago, there are still plenty of sweaty, stifling, ultra-hot days ahead.  The only relief in sight:  a 6 pack...  of "cool" classic rock, from your favorite music superstars!

All day today & tomorrow, Classic Rock 96-1 is crackin' open "Superstar 6-Packs" to kick-off each hour.  It's our way of helping you survive the blistering temps.  No matter what you've got goin' on, keep Classic Rock 96-1's "Dog Days Of Summer 6-Pack Weekend" cranked up on your radio.

And feel free to toss one my way whenever you grab another ice-cold bottle or can for yourself...  What's that saying?  Oh yeah- "sharing is caring"!!!

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