Growing up, my mother instilled in us that bedsheets needed to be washed once a week and you could never own too many bedsheets. There were rules in our home that probably made no sense to anyone, like, never even dare sit on your bed with outside clothes on. Your bed sheets aren't made to get dirty, keep them clean. This lady had backups for every single bed in the house, her linen closet was specifically for bed sheets and it was filled to the brim.

What did my mother know that we didn't? As an adult I am convinced that my mother is the reason why my partner and I have so many bedsheets, up until today I had no science to back me up, I just did it because my mother did it. Today that weird quirk has some backup.

Insider caught up with several experts who claim that the dirtiest item in your bedroom isn't necessarily the sheets, but the pillowcases. When Chris Brantner, who is a certified sleep science coach explained to Insider why it all made sense and had me wondering why I didn't figure it out sooner.

Did you know our hair contains a lot of nasty stuff including dirt and oil? Apparently, our hair is the dirtiest thing on our body. Congrats to all the bald folks out there. Well, the dirt and oils from your hair transfer onto your pillowcase every time you go to bed, from there, the grossness starts to add up.

Just think about it, your face pressed up on the pillowcase for a good night's rest, but, your face is also getting all the oils, dirt, and sweat which ultimately causes acne. Umm, eww. Due to the fact that they consider the pillowcases to be so filthy, the experts encourage us all to wash them at least once per week. So now I'm wondering when is the last time you washed those nasty pillowcases?


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