Tuesday night was a record setting night for the Texas Rangers in Arlington at Rangers Ballpark. No, it wasn't because of a monster shot from Josh Hamilton. It wasn't even a no-hitter we're talking about. The record was for people wearing sunglasses in the dark! More after the jump!

Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records were on hand to validate the record. Only 424 people in shades was needed to beat the previous record, so representatives from Guinness counted only sections 314 and 315.  But thousands beyond that had the shades on.  In fact, most of the 33,533 in attendance wore the blue or red shades,  including Nolan Ryan and former president George W. Bush!

The sunglasses must have been good luck too.  The Rangers ended up winning the game in the 11th inning by a walk-off home run by Mitch Moreland!

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